Membership Plans

We believe in simplicity and that is evident in our membership plan. In this era of too many choices Membership plan at TheBooksClub has been devised to be simple.


Our Membership Plan

Rs 100 – One time Registration Fees (Non Refundable)

Rs 1000 – Security Deposit (Refundable)

Rs 50  – Cost for reading any book

The registration fees and security deposit are a one-time expense. The security deposit is fully refundable at the time of cancellation of membership provided there are no dues. There are NO hidden charges and all the charges are inclusive of all taxes.

Please read other terms and conditions below for more details.

We also have a “Share and Read Free” offer for all members in which you can let us know the name of books you own. We will list them in our collection. Every time a member requests for your book, we will let you know. You can give this book to us and read another book for FREE.



We are currently in talks with courier companies to workout “free doorstep deliveries” but until then only below options are available:

  • ‘Local pick up’ from our physical address in Sector 31 Gurgaon is available. The full address of which will be sent in mail after you join us.
  • ‘Local pick up’ from our physical address in DLF Phase 3 Gurgaon is available. The full address of which will be sent in mail after you join us.
  • Similarly, you can return the book at any of the above address

Other Terms and Conditions that you should be aware of

– This is a Books Club and not a physical library so books can be picked only at certain time. We will inform you of the suitable time to pick up the books after you have placed your order with us

– All readers can have maximum two books issued at a time

– One time Registration fees will be collected only when you come to pick up your first order from us

– A book will be issued for a maximum of 1 month after which we will need to buy this book for other members deducting book’s cost from your security deposit.

– The editions of books (book cover) may be different from that displayed on the site

– All books are personal property of “The books club” members so please handle them with care. Failure to do so would result in book’s cost being deducted from security deposit