Amish Tripathi

Th immortals of Meluha Amish TripathiDo you know Amish Tripathi ? Have you read his books ? If not read on for some quick introduction 🙂 ..

Amish is an Indian author known for his novels commonly called as Shiva Trilogy. A pass out of IIM Calcutta and with 14 years of experience in financial industry he published his first book “The immortals of Meluha” in February 2010 and ever since there has been no looking back.

I personally love his books as they combine our mythology with logic and give an interesting perspective. For example – why our temples are always built at a height above from ground (raised platform) ? How our infamous caste system might have originally functioned in society ?

Well .. he has recently launched his latest book – Scion of Ikshvaku. His first book in Ram Chandra Series. You can choose to read it less than 1/4th of its market price

The Lost World by Michael Crichton

The Lost World Michael Crichton

Have you seen Jurassic Park ? and Have you heard of Michael Crichton?

Of course we have seen the movie and if not at least heard of it. But most of us might not be aware that the movie is adapted from the book by the same name written by Michael Crichton in 1990.

Michael Crichton was an American best-selling author, physician, producer, director and screenwriter, best known for his work in the science fiction, medical fiction and thriller genres.


Sadly we do not have Jurassic Park in our collection presently but we do happen to have The Lost World, Timeline (also adapted into a movie), Prey, Airframe and State of Fear. If you enjoy reading thrillers based on scientific facts then you can try out some of his works.

Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat

Half Girlfriend Chetan Bhagat

The story revolves around two main characters – Riya (From Delhi – as the author describes as English Type) and Madhav (From Bihar – as the author describes as non-English Type).

Madhav loves Riya and would like to be her boyfriend where as Riya is happy only to be his half-girlfriend.

The story can be divided into three parts.

The first part is a little stretched out with the usual Chetan Bhagat style romance which somehow is not that appealing and has no depth. But if you liked his earlier novels you may like this as well.

The second and third part of the book are good. Over all the story is told well. You can easily identify with these characters as I am sure you had somebody in college just like them.

Over all – Average read.

The best part of the book was – Riya’s strategy to teach English. Very useful for those who want to learn English..

Happy Reading .. 🙂 ..

Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

Message in a bottle Nicholas SparksA Lovely novel. In this age of “moving on” so refreshing to finally find characters who find it difficult to move on.

Someone somewhere writes a letter and puts it in a bottle. And this message in a bottle is found by Theresa. Is it fate or something else ? Will Theresa by able to find who has written the letter and why is he so heart broken.

The novel keeps you glued till the very end. This novel has also been adapted into a movie by the same name.

Some quotes from the novel:

– “Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.”

– “If you simply ignored the feeling, you would never know what might happen, and in many ways that was worse than finding out in the first place. Because if you were wrong, you could go forward in your life without ever looking back over your shoulder and wondering what might have been.”


The Blessing by Jude Devereux

The Blessing Jude Deveraux

A billionaire who does not care much about anything except making money, a widowed mother of an adorable but hyper active toddler and an unexpected romance ..

A Cinderella types story with a difference – the girl does not jump at the first opportunity to get married or should I say re-married. There is much more to the story after the proposal.

A romantic novel so do not expect much reality but that is why we read this genre. – Don’t we ?


The Summerhouse by Jude Deveraux

the summerhouse Jude Deveraux

Have you ever wished that you could go back in time and change something ? Ever wondered what would your life currently be if you had done things differently, taken a different path or made a different choice.

Well .. this book is about three women who are given a chance to go back in time for three weeks and change their lives. They have to decide where and when they want to go. The catch is they do not know the impact of their decisions. So Is it a risk worth taking ?

A Beautiful book.. Specially the story of Madison..